Men And Boys Men And Boys 39151320 39151328 39151332 39151324 39152727 51328095 51328111 51328102 39151329 39151949 Ohio State 50838880 51328103 39151330 39151948 39152211 39152212 Army Helmet 51328094 Books For A Sports Fan 51328096 Fireman's Cake 51328097 Fireman's Cake Buttercream with fondant add ons. 51328098 Golf Anyone buttercream with fondant accents. 51328099 Track Shoes Nike Buttercream with fondant covered shoe. 51328101 Casino Cake All buttercream with fondant accents. 51328104 Poker Cake Hexegon 51328105 Grave Digger 51328110 Grave Digger Monser Truck Back View 52316062 Nascar Plastic add on. 51328107 Saxophone Covered in fondant and luster dust added. 51328113 Everything Turns To Crap 51328114 Super Seth All buttercream. 39151323 Train For Twins All buttercream. 52316063 Space Ship All buttercream with fondant covered space ship. 57599799 Carved Frog Cake All buttercream. 56239347 Cake For A DJ All buttercream with fondant accents. 72588954 Truck Cookie This was made as favors to match the cake. 72588955 Carved Dump Truck All buttercream with chopped oreos. 72588956 Car On Road All buttercream with an edible image. 73233152 Guitar All buttercream, can be done in fondant with strings done in gold or silver. 75037903 One Year Old Can be changed up for any age , all buttercream. 76899701 We Win All buttercream cake made for a winning team!! 76899702 Pink Converse This was done for a wedding shower, but could be done any color for the guy in your life. This is a medium size shoe can be lifesize and a high top. 78684902 Aarons First Birthday All buttercream cake. 80729529 Nicky's Alligator All buttercream with fondant scales and feet. 82835867 For The Golfer All buttercream except for the man and tee. 84784044 Blakes 1 All buttercream with fondant accents. 88275686 Basketball and Cookies 89584326 3-D Basketballl Cake All buttercream. 89584327 Football This was done in buttercream. The football can be made 3-D also by adding a bottom half. 89584328 Super Heros Taken from a Moms design all done in buttercream with the plastic heros. 90361616 El Man All buttercream with fondant accents. This was made for two cousins, one like El and one likes cars. 91487094 Cookie Man All buttercream with fondant accents. 91487095 Fishes All buttercream. This is a cupcake cake. 95364856 Fire Truck This was for the twins Zach's name was on one side and Coles on the other. All buttercream with fondant accents. 109756589 FireHydrant Cookie 109756590 Another Mickey Version Buttercream with fondant accents. 109756591 School Baseball Players Hat This was done in fondant for a Fireland Falcon Player. These can be done for Official Teams also. 109758422 Players Number Fondant covered cake. 109758423 The Hat All buttercream 119726373 Batman Buttercream with pictures added. 130526302 He's 40 Buttercream cake with fondant dog licking the icing. 130526303 Paint Ball 130689579 Sheriff Is 50 Buttercream cake with fondant guy and cigars and stripes. 136247120 Magic Hat Buttercream with fondant accents. 136293046 Interpretation Of A Walleye Fish Done in buttercream with fondant fins. 138621124 Firelands Wrestling Done in buttercream with photos cut out. 138621424 Tank Cake Tank is fondant on a buttercream cake. Writing can be added to the top. 141091530 Sesame Fondant accents with gumballs on a buttercream cake. 141597044 Browns Fan Turns 31 143186430 146773217 Elephant Skin Jordan Print Done in butter cream with fondant logo, ribbon border, and gumpaste plaque. 148236248 40th Birthday Winery Theme Buttercream cake with fondant covered bottle and glass. 150632800 Cupcake to match cake. Buttercream with fondant base and grapes. 150632801 Chocolate Fudge Cake Chocolate fudge cake with ganache filling , chocolate buttercream with reeses added to the top. 151773628 Wine Bottle Wine bottle and glass done in fondant , grapes are butter cream. 154133247 Tony's 50 All buttercream with sparkle paper 50. 156885673 Browns Fan 159330512 Bob Is Sad Someone is leaving so Bob is sad, he could be smiling for a Birthday. 160876430 Logo Cake Buttercream cake with fondant logo, ribbons and roses. 165941849 Undies Buttercream cake with fondant undies and lace. 165941850 Da Bomb All buttercream with fondant wick. They added a sparkler and lit it. 165941851 Topsy Turvey Stand Mens Words Buttercream cake with fondant words. This was ordered by his wife with words that mean much to them. 167124491 Cowboy Turns 5 Buttercream cake with fondant accents. 172854976 176578411 176578412 Idea for a guy that likes basketball All butter cream cake with fondant basketballs. 176579161 Piggie All butter cream. 179097640 Target Practice Butter Cream camo with fondant name and age with fondant gun and bullseye. 179097641 Turtle Power 179097642 179608688 Peacock Lover 181179339 Bowling Cake Blue Buttercream cake with fondant alley and confetti with real pins and ball . Plastic. Fondant signs. 183586095 Beer Can 194102832 Football Birthday Buttercream cake with fondant accents. 194102833 80th Birthday 194102834 Male Torso With Zebra Undies Totally edible , fondant and buttercream. 194275288 Element 195870283 Eyore 195870284 Minnie Ears 195870285 Mickey's One Buttercream cake with fondant accents. 195870286 Hunger Games Buttercream cake with fondant accents. 200925698 Toy Story Buttercream cake with fondant accents. 200925699 Ed's 60 Buttercream cake with fondant accents. 200942861 Kaydens Fish Buttercream cake with fondant accents. 200942862 Jeffs Toilet 200942863 Jordan Two 200942864 Bengels Cake Buttercream cake with fondant stripes and banner. 200942865 Tom And Jerry 200950657 Soccer and Football Buttercream with ball accents 202114714 Carousel Cake Buttercream with fondant accents 202114715 Fondant Topper 202114716 202114724