Wedding And Grooms Cakes, Cookies Wedding And Grooms Cakes, Cookies Melissa's Damask Print All buttercream with buttercream damask design. Monograms were fondant. Cloth ribbon. 91483950 Angela's Bling Buttercream cake with gumpaste flowers. 128860362 Angels's Bling Close Up 136248119 Black and White Glitz Three different shapes done in butter cream with a silk ribbon and added glitz with monogram. 145301664 Burgandy Roses 143185903 Purple Ribbons All buttercream with fresh florals and satin ribbons. 127324545 Hydrangeas This was all buttercream with silk florals. 124736475 Heart Of Hearts Buttercream cake with fondant hearts. 138617304 Cream On Cream All buttercream with a fondant bow. 134168920 Fondant Cake with Gerber Daisy 3238228 GreenBay Lovers Buttercream cake with fondant ribbons. 130527698 Kayla's Cake 193741854 Kaylas's 193741851 Fondant Cake with Gold Trim Ribbon 3238229 Rinaldi Cake Buttercream with piped scrolls and black ribbon. Monogram topper. 140089604 Scroll With Red Flowers Red trim with silver beads, monogram on top. 134168919 Oh Victoria 1024804 Silk Hydrangeas Buttercream cake with silk Hydrabgeas. 138620365 Chocolate Lovers Dream Chocolate Cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate icing. Chocolate Candy clay roses and calla lillies. 130530307 Fondant Cake With Leaves This is a fondant cake, (can be done in buttercream) with silk leaves it can also be done in fondant or gumpaste. 15828756 Fall Mums This cake had real flowers on it 1024821 Fall Precious Moments All buttercream with real ribbons and live flowers. 54407424 Fall Precious Moments All buttercream with real ribbon and live flowers. 54407423 Rutledge Cake This was done in buttercream with fondant circles painted silver all edible. 56238433 Love, Cherish, Devotion All buttercream with silk florals. 202114298 Light Pink and Cream Real Roses This was a fondant cake with buttercream accents. 5156961 A Rose is a Rose Fresh roses adorn this 3 tier fondant cake. 5156912 Quilting on rose cake 5156913 Gaines Wedding Cake This was done with the quilted pattern with the black dots, with every other layer of white dots. 8873132 Salmon Hydrangeas This is a fondant cake with hydrangeas, these are silk but you can have them live or in gumpaste. 3807663 Camo Cake This cake was ordered to have a pink camo trim made from fondant, flowers were attached after delivery. 1193609 Teal And Purple All done in buttercream, with royal icing flowers. 138620730 Closer look at trim 1193597 Pear Wedding Cake This is buttercream with a chocolate fondant ribbon with edible pearls and vertical lines in every other layer. The pears are artificial. 13046371 Precious Hearts and Rounds 1024823 Victorian Hexagon With Rounds 1024822 In The Cabin 1192777 Precious Majesty 1024803 Tilted Hearts This cake is fondant can be done in buttercream, with fondant hearts and tissue paper. 15878373 Red Fondant Bow This cake is buttercream frosting with a fondant bow and silver dragees. Completely edible. 10932287 Close Up of fondant bow 10932288 Gift Cake Was done for a shower can be for a Wedding also, or a Wedding Shower. 29896890 Monogram Cookies These can be done in royal icing, rolled buttercream or fondant. Any letter available. 29896891 130527697 Grooms Cake His and Hers Chained together. 1325054 Tuxedo Cookie Favor 3809153 Wedding Cake Cookie This cookie is frosted in buttercream with fondant trim and royal icing flower. 37914084 Bridal Cookies 3809154 Bridal Cookies 3809156 Bride Dress Can be made to match your gown. 3809170 Jewels Everything is edible except for the jewels. The squares are set straight on. 5189736 White Gifts Tilted squares 1173784 Pink Gifts Tilted squares 1024807 Bradford Wedding This is for a small second wedding, serves 60 5189735 Red Roses With Monogram Thompson Cake 8397866 Fondant Monogram 8397867 Mauve Cake With Fondant Bow, Pearls and Lace This cake is decorated in cornelli lace pattern and serves 100 7075166 8397868 8397869 Buttercream With Silk Florals Done in buttercream with silk flowers. 138620364 Hexegon Shaped Cake One This is a buttercream cake with pink gumpaste roses with a drape off the side. Scroll work on front of cake. 14496487 Heart Shaped Chocolate Ganache This is a vanilla cake with barvarian cream and strawberry filling with chocolate ganache dripped down the cake with chocolate covered strawberries. YUM!!!!! 16659470 Hexegon Shape Calla Lilly This cake is buttercream with gumpaste calla lillies with a fondant border dusted with gold dust all edible. 14496768 Pink Pearls Brown Bow This cake is done in buttercream with fondant white chocolate pearls with a chocolate fondant bow. The Monogram is metal and the white dots are also done in buttercream. 15076374 Hole In One Another buttercream cake with fondant and gumpaste accents. 15076375 Fondant with stephanotis topper This cake is fondant with fondant lace trim, it has flowers as the topper cascading down. With the Bride and Groom in the center. 12281491 Falling Snowflakes All buttercream cake with fondant snowflakes. Silver dragees were added to the snowflakes. 28469026 8 tiers stair steps This cake is totally buttercream flowers and all, the only non edible thing is the gold foil leaves. 39696895 Close Up Of Detail On 8 Tiered Cake 39696896 The Shoe And Purse Lover Buttercream cake with fondant shoe and purse with gumpaste burgundy roses. Serves 100 39697387 OSU Grooms Cake Can be done in buttercream or cream cheese icing with candy buckeyes. This was a 1/2 sheet 40608720 Sunflowers This cake was all buttercream with black scrolls added and live sunflowers, with a dark purple ribbon. Crystal monogram and crystal pillars. 44176595 Cassie's Cake This is all buttercream with a cloth ribbon, set on a tilt. 45773693 Katie's Cake This served 400 All buttercream with fondant ribbons and fresh flowers.. 51185161 Laura's Cake All buttercream. 40607072 Hydrangea Purple Buttercream cake with real ribbon and silk hydrangeas. Cupcakes are made to look like hydrangeas also. 42537596 Black Scrolls The Bride is to send a picture with the florals added. 44176594 Scrolls and Dots White on white cake, all buttercream with fondant bow. 42537594 Real Roses Buttercream cake with real roses and a gumpaste bow. 42537597 Bridal Dress Straight Buttercream icing with pearl dragees and shiney sugars. Butter Sugar Cookie. 42538568 Sea Shells Cupcake Tower This was for a cupcake wedding, all buttercream with fondant waves around top of cake. The whole place was done to match this theme. It was BEAUTIFUL!! 44177237 Ball And Chain Buttercream frosting with edible silver dragees. The topper was cute a ball and chain. 50513262 Maggie's Cake This was all buttercream with a fondant drape and faux pearls. Silk Florals. 52315406 Large Sheet Cake This was made to serve 140-150 All buttercream with silver luster dust, and silver dragess on the sides with the border. Silver luster dust. Wish my camera would of gotten the whole cake. It was huge. The hearts were made from fondant. 50513263 Outdoor Themed Wedding Each cupcake was made for a flower, grass or part to share in the Wedding. Bride and Groom made the stand. 51917276 Deanna's Cake All buttercream with real ribbon and raffia added. Teal is airbrushed on. I just loved this cake topper, it had written in the sand JUST MARRIED. Too cute!!!! 52742313 Jill V's Cake All buttercream with ribbon around edges. edible pearls. 52849478 Christina's Cake All buttcream with real ribbon and royal icing flowers. 55322649 Becky's Set Up With Grooms Cakes 55322656 Christina's Close Up Buttercream cake with royal icing roses and real ribbon. 55322650 Becky's Heart All buttercream with fondant hearts cut out with silver dust. Live roses. 55322651 Becky's Heart 2 This was Becky's cake with no flowers added. Some like flowers some do not, lets you see the difference flowers make. 55322655 Laura's Monogram This cake was done in Italian Merinque Buttercream with real ribbon and live flowers. 55322652 Grooms Cake Farmer This is a symbol for farmers. I guess. 55322653 Buckey Grooms This was done in buttercream with candy buckeys. This was a 1/4 sheet. 55322654 Rutledge Cake Without Flowers 56239024 Monogram Cookie Royal icing with edible gold . Can be packaged as favors. 56240005 On The Tilt Buttercream cake with ruff textured added, placed on a 1" slight tilt with silk hydrangeas added. 58735081 Pearls This was done in buttercream with pearls added to each cake edible ones. Fake pearl borders with deible glitter. It showed up so nice at the venue, I'm waiting to see when I get the picture made if the detail shows it really doesn't here. Fresh flowers. 102234960 Marisol's Cake This was done in buttercream with quilted pattern and edible pearls added on. Scroll work on top tier with cream and gold bow. 75035531 Castle Cake All buttercream with royal icing flowers. Turrets are plastic. This is used to make a girls princess cake also for a birthday. 85920311 Lace and drapes All buttercream with fondant swags and gumpaste florals. 89582320 Large To Smaller Dots This is another buttercream cake covered with fresh roses and gerber daisy with a hydrangea topper. 90363087 Gradient Colors This cake was for a birthday , could be done for a wedding also. All buttercream with real ribbon. This ribbon wanted to curl some from the way it was sewn. Dots were dark to light tourquise. 90363088 Tourquise And Brown All buttercream with satin ribbon. Monogram added to top tier. 93183493 Cup Cake Tower There are many designed cupcakes under my cupcake page. Just put one on here incase people miss that album. There were done in buttercream with fondant flowers. 93183494 Black Majic Roses This cake is buttercream with fresh black majic roses. Something about a rose....... 99512022 Grandma's Topper This cake was done in buttercream, the Bride redone her Grandmothers topper. I loved how it all came together. 99512023 Buttercream Cake with swags and pearls 10610611 Vintage Inspired This cake was done in buttercream with royal design and real gems around the border and on the cake. The topper was a gift for the Brides shower it was lovely!!! 100555332 Burgandy Roses And Calas Another buttercream cake with real ribbon and flowers. Love the look of fresh flowers in person. The monograms where made from fondant and painted in a pearl dust. 100555333 Navy Hearts Buttercream cake with fondant navy blue hearts. Ribbon border trim in silver. 101096489 Guitar This was done for a Birthday, could be a grooms cake. It can be dressed up more done in fondant with gold or silver strings. This was all done in buttercream. 75035532 Falling Leaves All pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing. Leaves were done in fondant. 102234961 Black Calas This has fondant Calas with all buttercream hand piped cake. 119724345 Red And Black Buttercream cake with fondant bow and stripes. 119724346 Chocolate Oreos With Cake Balls The oreos and cake balls can be made to match the colors of the wedding, GREAT for showers. 119725901 Heart Tray This was for Valentines Day, but they go well for Weddings and Showers done in the colors of the event. 119725902 Candy Rose Centerpiece These can be made to match your color scheme. Any type of vase can be used. 120913364 Candy White Rose These make GREAT favors for thank yous. Bagged and tagged. 120913366 Brushed Edible Silver 120913368 Candy Rings These sparkle real good in person, with glitter dust on the diamond part. Added to cupcakes they make a nice shower dessert or Great for Wedding showers too and engagement parties. 121130798 Candy Rose Bouquet 121130799 White Rose Favor 121130801 Gold Rose Favor 121130802 Irish St Patty's Day Wedding Buttercream cake with fondant accents. Coins were metal for more shine can be made from fondant and luster dusted. Would make a nice grooms cake for an Irish kinda guy. 151772032 Irish Hat Close Up 151772033 The Cake Ball Cake All buttercream with over 175 cake balls. 156884738 Cake Pop Favors These work well for Weddings and Showers. Can be made to match your colors or done as Bride and Groom. 156885548 Quilted Pearls This cake was done in buttercream with the silver pearls added on each intersection, Flowers were silk, 157116365 Purple and Ivory Buttercream cake with buttercream design. Silk florals. 157654701 Branches In Teal Cake Buttercream cake with fondant branches , flowers and leaves. 157654790 Red Fondant Roses Buttercream cake with fondant roses, swirls and ribbons. 158614260 Large Cupcake Stand This display was done for a Wedding with colored ribbons surrounding the stand to match the flowers and cupcakes. These work up well for Graduations, and Showers also. 158614261 Scroll with fresh flowers Butter cream cake with fresh florals. 159535144 Hawaii Themed Wedding Buttercream cake with fondant trees and sea shells. Gumpaste flowers. Gel for the water. 163203557 Purple Hexegons Buttercream cake with silk ribbon bows. 163203558 Ruffles In Ivory Buttercream cake with fondant ruffles and fondant flowers. 166435319 Fall Splendor Buttercream cake with cloth bows and ribbons. 166705101 Cupcake Towers For Weddings Or Showers 167124088 Pink Ribbon Purple Rhinestones This was done for an anniversary but would of made a nice Wedding Cake. Buttercream cake with purple rhinestones and pink cloth ribbon borders. Monograms were covered in stones to match the cake. 168014563 Red Black And Bling Buttercream cake with fondant ribbons with red rhinestones in front of the ribbons, Bling and jewlery adorn the cake and the fresh roses. 168294720 Teal Design This cake was done in buttercream icing with fodant design, Ribbon was cloth. 169433987 Mr. And Mrs. Picture of the cake set up. 169434172 Snowflakes Buttercream cake with real ribbon and rhinestones. Fondant snowflakes. 172854802 Quilted Silver Dragees This cake is buttercream icing with cloth bow and rhinestone ribbons. 174468554 50th This was done to look like the original cake with a new topper that had the 50 on it. Too cute, 179162640 Two Toned Peach All done in butter cream. I forgot to close the back curtain, Duh 179608221 Bling Cake Stand To Rent 179608918 Hydrangea Purples And Blues Buttercream cake with glam ribbons and cupcakes to look like hydrangeas. 181178735 Silver Balls Buttercream cake with fondant balls dusted in silver. Fresh Flowers. 181178736 Cake with scroll work. Rose Cupcakes 181178737 Butterflies and Roses Buttercream cake with gumpaste flowers and butterflies. 181179299 Tiger Lilys Buttercream cake with fondant flowers and glam ribbons, 182128974 Blue and Purple Hydrangeas Buttercream cake with silk flowers and glam ribbons. 182128975 Navy and Green Hydrangeas Buttercream cake with scrolls and real flowers. Cupcakes to look like hydrangeas,. 182128976 Large Rose Topper Cupcake Large cupcake all buttercream, cupcakes in orange and pink buttercream. 182128977 Bride and Groom Cookies Done in royal icing can be used for showers or wedding favors. 182131660 Ribbons With Glam Buttercream cake with ribbons and glam ribbons added on. 183585252 Top Of Tree Trunk Carved 183585253 Tree Trunk Grooms Cake Fondant covered with gumpaste flowers. 183585254 Fondant Trims And Glam Buttercream cake with fondant trim and glam ribbon. 183585255 TrailingFlowers Buttercream cake with fondant wood and gumpaste flowers and butterflies. 183585781 Hydrangea Cupcake Tower Stop into the cupcake gallery and look at some nice ideas for Weddings. 184049900 Purple and Orange 3 tier Buttercream Cake with fondant calla flowers and butter cream purple roses. This sat on top of a cupcake stand for a 30th Anniversary Party. 188739185 Anniversary Cake This had the dessert bar to go with it. 188739434 Red and Purple 192491308 192491309 Gerbers Pinks and Oranges 192491310 Blue Bows 192491311 Grooms Fire Truck Cake 192491312 192491313 192491314 Edible Butterfly Cake Cake done in buttercream with edible butterflies. 195869863 Pink With Hearts And Scrolls 193741853 Navy Balls 193741904 Sea Cake Tourquise Color 193741905 Fondant Shell Topper 193741906 Bride And Groom With Ball And Chain 193741907 Buttercream with navy dots and orange callas 194102443 194102444 Purple ButterCream with glam ribbons 194102497 194102498 Baker Cupcakes With Smaller Cake Buttercream with fondant flower. 195869318 Orange and Blue Gerberas Buttercream cake with silk flowers and monogram. 194208432 195869309 By The Sea Side Buttercream cake with chocolate shells done with luster dust. Shimmer added. 195869310 Burgandy Cala Lillies Buttercream Cake with real silk ribbons added. 195869311 Small Scroll Cake With Cupcakes To Match Done in butter cream. 195869312 Lace Cupcake Holders Buttercream icing. 195869313 Green Hexagon Cross Done in buttercream with quilted design and ribbons added. 195869314 Silk Hydrangeas Cupcake Stand 195869315 Naked Cake 195869317 Naked Cake This was an apple cake with cream cheese icing oozing out the sides, Edible dried apples added and edible florals. 195869316 Cultrip Cake Quilting design with dots on every other layer and silk flowers and ribbon added. 195869319 Burgandy And Orange Buttercream cake with silk ribbons and live flowers. 195869862 Pink Bling This was finished off at the venue client picked it up and was to send me a picture of the finished cake. Client design leaves and scrolls to have live hydrangeas placed on top of the cake and inbetween the pillars. She said it looked lovely. Wish I saw it finished. 179097476 Brown With Silk Flowers 193741852 Ivory Scrolls This was an all white buttercream cake with every other layer done in ivory colored scrolls. Silk florals were added at the venue with the monogram. 92396587 Butterfly Cupcakes 195869864 Shabby Chic Heart 200925576 Shabby Chic Cupcakes 200925577 Bride And Groom Topper Dancing Buttercream Cake with silk florals. 200925610 Floral, Raffia, Beach Chairs Buttercream cake with silk florals and raffia wrapped around cake. Beach chairs were made from fondant. 200925611 Flip Flops Were Chocolate Topper 200925612 Gold Color With Burgandy Ribbon Buttercream cake with silk ribbon and monogram topper. 200925613 His And Hers Beach Theme Buttercream cake with fondant chairs and towels with sea shells. 200925614 Gold Mr. And Mrs. Buttercream cake with lace design bride and groom. Lighting didn't show design as well as it was in person. 200925615 Topper For Coral Beach Cake Hand made topper from fondant. 200925616 Coral Beach Chairs Buttercream cake and design with silk ribbon and fondant chairs. 200925617 Rock On Hand Made Topper 200925618 Rock On Cake Buttercream Cake with edible image note sheets. 200925619 Two Tier Silver Hearts Buttercream cake with fondant hearts. 200925620 Sheet Cake with silver hearts 200925621 Topper Kilt 200942819 Topper Kilt Two Tiers Buttercream cake with silk ribbon and lace done in buttercream. 200942820 Bride And Groom Gone Gold Buttercream cake top and bottom layers, fondant cake with gold luster on middle cake. Design was fondant with gold dust. 200942822 Added Cupcakes 200942823 Love With Motorcycle Topper Buttercream cake with fondant monogram and silk ribbons. 200942824 Naked Apple Spice Cake 200942825 Naked Apple Spice Cake 200942826 Purple and Blue Shells Buttercream cake with fondant shells. 200942827 Fondant Fall Leaves Topper was added at venue. 200942828 Four Tier Black And White Buttercream cake with silk ribbons and flowers. 200942667 Merry Christmas Cake Buttercream cake with real bulbs!! 200942995 200950478 200950479 Buckeye Cake Buttercream cake with buckeyes and edible images. 200950480 Hooked For Life Topper 202114296 Hooked For Life All buttercream with artificial flowers. 202114297 Love Never Fails 202114299 Love Never Fails All buttercream with silk florals.. 202114300 Love Is Sweet Totally buttercream except for glam ribbons. 202114301 Love IS Sweet 202114302