Cupcakes and Cupcake Cakes Cupcakes and Cupcake Cakes Hannah Montana Edible Image This was a cupcake cake. This served 30, but you can make as big or small as you need. 5259738 Flower Cupcake This cupcake had an added silk flower with a diamond added to the middle of the buttercream flower. 5520623 Full blown rose cupcake This is all buttercream. 5520606 Fondant Bow in gold on flower cupcake 5524513 Fondant bow done in white sparkle dust 5524490 Fondant rose with white sparkle dust Can be done in any color. 5524514 Purple Floral 5524491 Purple and white swirl 5524515 Hydrangea Purple and White 5524492 Cupcakes for a tiffany theme 7055115 Mini Wedding Cake 7055261 Christmas Tree Cupcake Done in buttercream with candy bulbs. Nice for parties or Christmas themed Weddings. 20875965 Pink and White Azalia Buttercream Cupcake 22616352 Pink Solid Buttercream Cupcake 22616353 Pink Varigated Rose Buttercream Cupcake 22616354 Solid Purple Rose Cupcake done in buttercream. 22616355 Varigated Purple Azalia Cupcake done in buttercream. 22616356 Varigated Purple Rose Cupcake done in buttercream. 22616357 Solid Pink Rose Cupcake done in buttercream. 22616358 Heart Shaped Cupcake This cupcake is heart shaped with buttercream icing and tiny heart candies added to the top. 25464770 Buttercream Swirl With Heart Candies This cupcake is done with buttercream icing and candy hearts . 25464771 Princess Cupcake The cupcale holder says little princess on it. 27517083 Gold Foil Cupcake Holder Chocolate Buttercream with gold foil wrapper. 27517085 Werewolf Cupcakes All buttercream, was made for the Twilight book party. 33411010 Vampire Teeth Also made for the Twilight Party 33411011 Lavender and Purple Hydrangea Cupcakes Frosted in buttercream. 42539556 School Graduation Cupcakes This was for a Graduation, picks had the year of the Graduaion on them. This stand holds 21 there is also one that holds 15. There is a tier that can hold up to 150 at once. 42793546 Sea Shell Wedding Theme This was done for a sea shell wedding, the table had crushed sand crackers and sea stars around the border of the table the set up was Beautiful!!!! 44177508 Bears 1st Birthday This was to celebrate a 1st Birthday, cupcakes were done in pink swirls with pearls and the bottom tier was chocolate on chocolate. The Bear sitting on the package was used for the smash cake. 45718306 Baseball Cupcakes All done in buttercream. 47105626 Outdoor Themed Cupcakes This stand was made by the Bride and Groom to match their cupcakes. 51916557 Gerber Daisies These are buttercream icing with fondant flowers. 51916558 Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes Cake is strawberry with cream cheese icing and strawberries cut in half. 51916559 Grass Cupcake With Fondant J 51916560 Ivory Roses All buttercream with Ivory colored icing and gold dragees on small cake. Silk flowers. 52742620 Close Up Of Ivory Cake With Quilting 52742621 Small Tiaras These small tiaras were made to match the princess themed Bridal Shower. 80020620 Cupcake Confirmation Cake This was done using cupcakes. All buttercream. 80730264 Blue Sprinkle Cupcake With Fondant Cross Buttercream frosting with fondant cross. 80730265 84784486 84784487 Zebra Striped Cupcake Holder These can now be ordered and do frosting the color of the shower or wedding. 84784488 Cupcake Wedding blue and white. These are all done in buttercream with fondant flowers. Silver dragees added to the top cake for cutting. 93186078 Daisy with edible sugars. buttercream cupcake with fondant flower. 93186079 Edible Fondant Butterfly All buttercream with fondant butterfly and silver dragees. 94646469 Butterfly Wedding All buttercream with fondant butterflies and silver dragess. Totally edible. 94646470 Light Blue Hydrangea All buttercream with crystal sprinkles and shimmer dust. All edible. 94646778 Fish Cupcake Cake 95365413 Moose 95365414 Blue Bird 95365415 Little Girls Shower These were made from fondant. 109757269 Gumpaste Flower These can be done in any color for weddings, showers, birthdays. 119726820 Silver Sprinkles These are nice for 25th Anniversary Parties 125615975 126498679 Engagement Ring Cupcakes These are nice for engagement parties or Wedding Showers. 126498680 126498681 Butterflies and Roses Buttercream cake with fondant hand made roses. This sat on top of a cupcake stand with cupcakes around it. Picture coming soon. This was done for a baby shower, theme butterflies and roses. 128020310 Fondant Roses Buttercream cupcakes with fondant roses. 128020311 Fondant Butterflies Fondant butterflies with buttercream cupcakes. 128020312 Blue And Yellow Flowers 130526079 131478897 Hydrangea Tower 134168349 Red Swirl with Fondant Flower 134168351 White Swirl with Fondant Flower 134168353 Red And White Flower Cupcake Stand 134168355 Tiki Hut This was placed on the top of a cupcake stand with cupcakes underneath. They haven't sent me a picture yet. 138618256 Psalm Tree Done with brown sugar sand and waves in buttercream!! 138618257 Umbrella With White Choc Shell 138618258 Tiki Hut With Cupcakes 138618259 Lime Green And Purple Cupcakes All done in buttercream . 138622420 Grape Winery Cupcake Buttercream icing under fondant disc and fondant grapes. 150633205 150633206 Large and Small Cake Balls These come in any flavor combination and color. These go well in trays for Weddings, Showers , Graduations and such occasions. 150633207 Cupcake In An IceCream Cone Can be done in any flavor with either butter cream or whipped icing. 151264700 Married On St. Patty's Day 151772745 Done For A Math Class 151772746 Cupcakes on 11 tier stand. 152298841 Rock Star Cupcakes These were done to match a cake, butter cream icing with fodant stars. 152298842 Rainbow Cupcakes Can be done in Graduation colors or baby shower colors, even wedding colors for wedding showers. 154134163 Inside of cupcake These were done for Easter they had Easter eggs on top. 154134165 Fondant Crown 156884477 Prince themed baby shower There was a 6" cake underneath the crown for cutting purposes, The gems were real since it was a last minute cake, every thing else was edible. 156884478 She's 21 157117342 Hot Pink Grad Caps Make cupcakes and hats to match your school colors, made of chocolate and totally edible. Why throw away plastic toppers when you can eat them . 158205400 Large Cupcake These can be made for any occasion. They work up well for Birthdays, Weddings, Showers and Graduations too .All buttercream. 158614638 Done for a Wedding You can wrap colored ribbons around the stand to match the decor for your party. 158614639 Edible bumble bees 159330850 Bumble Bee Tower Buttercream icing with royal icing bees. 159330851 Patriotic Cupcakes Red and Blue dyed cupcakes with wrappers in red and blue. Fillings were red raspberry and strawberry with blueberry filling. How more patriotic can you get? 160095486 Flip flop cupcakes All buttercream with candy shoes totally edible. 160096447 Sunglass Cupcakes Sunglasses on beach with waves in the backround. Buttercream with candy glasses. Totally edible. 160096792 Beach Themed Cake This cake was at the top of a cupcake tower that had the sunglasses and flip flop cupcakes to surround it. Totally edible except for the 13. The 13 can be made to be edible using fondant and edible glitter. Not enough notice on this one to let the number dry long enough, 160097214 Chocolate Candy Grad Hat 160874700 Grad Hat Candy Can be done in any color for your school. 160874701 Diplomas Candy Eat what you pay for instead of throwing away plastic pieces. 160874702 Fondant Flower Close Up 160874703 Baby Shower Cupcake Tower 160874704 Pirates Graduation This cake sat a top of the cupcake tower with scull cupcakes around it. 160874706 Fondant Sculls 160874807 Firelands Graduation 162672001 Wedding Cupcakes Buttercream cake with fondant flowers. This was done to match her Wedding cake that was 3 tiers. Cupcakes had fondant sea shells. 162672002 Peace And Tye Dye Chocolate peace signs with buttercream tye dye frosting. 165942910 Zebra Print Cupcakes These had buttcream underneath the hot pink fondant with zebra print also in fondant. 165942911 Ruffles In Ivory Buttercream cake with fondant ruffles and fondant flowers. Buttercream on cupcakes also. 166435800 166435801 Black and white Icing Black and white buttercream with black and white edible beads. 166435802 Fall Themed Wedding 167124452 Green and Purple Hydrangeas 167124453 20th Anniversary Pink flower design with brown swirls. Since the cupcakes were large ones we added the modern pattern smaller liners to sit the cupcakes in. Different look. 169433877 Snowy Days Cupcakes were done to go with a nice snowflake wedding cake. 172854926 New Stand I have two of these along with some other for rent. They really add elegance to any occasion, 174468957 174468958 Square Cupcake Stand This can be used for all cupcakes or a 2tier cake on top with cupcakes underneath. The bottom of the stand can be rented for a cake stand also. 176579120 Mouse Ears With Bow And Bow Tie 177757502 Mouse Ears With Bow 177757503 Pop Corn Cupcake Butter Pop Corn. 179162188 Regular Pop Corn No Butter 179162189 Fondant Whales 181178350 Four Wedding Colors Scroll buttercream cake with cupcakes to look like roses. 181179252 Purple Hydrangeas This display was set up on the clear cupcake stand,. 181179253 Tiger Lilys 182130522 Purple And Blue Hydrangeas 182130523 Purple Rose Cupcake Large 182130524 Navy And Green Hydrangeas 182130525 Pink And Orange Don't you just love all the bright colors of Summer!! 182130319 Cupcake 4th Birthday Try a cupcake tower for your next birthday party. 183586424 Lady Bug Shower This was for a baby shower. Had 85 cupcakes , buttercream with fondant lady bugs. This was done on a cupcake stand, sorry no picture of it put together. 183587290 Anchors And Life Preservers 184049671 Boy Nautical Theme 184049672 Girl Nautical Theme 184049862 Photo Cake Wedding This was a small cake topper with pictures on it of the Bride and Groom with the cupcakes to match with the OU colors and buckeyes of course mixed in with the cupcakes. 188739227 30th Anniversary Party This was the cake with the dessert bar. 188739228 Luau Cupcakes Flowers in fondant, sunglasses and trees are chocolate candy . 194208640 Totally Edible Cupcakes 194275254 Cupcake For A Racecar Fan Fondant work on a buttercream covered cupcake. 194352533 Crystal Stands These can be used for any occasion, the center can be filled with color or wrapped in jewels. 195870199 Smaller Crystal Stand I have five heights and different size plates to fit smaller cakes with cupcakes or just cupcakes, mix and match. Great for Grad parties too!!!! 195870205 Baker Small Cake And Cupcakes 195870204 195870200 Lace Holders 195870201 Blue Hydrangeas 195870202 Edible Butterlies 195870203 Shabby Chic Cupcakes 200943037 200943041 200943042 Rent Bark Stand 200943043 Rent Burlap Stand 200943044 Silver Stands To Rent 200943045 Mardi Gras Gold 200950457 Mardi Gras Silver 200950458 USA VS BRITISH Buttercream with USA and British Picks 200950662 Snowflake Cupcakes Buttercream with fondant snowflakes. 200950663 Apple Cupcake 202114717