Graduations Graduations Boy Graduate Made from fondant 1026662 Girl Graduate Made from fondant 1026653 Curtis Cake 1026654 Fondant Kids This can be made for any occasion change the clothes for the people 1026663 Graduation Book 1026655 Firelands Falcon 1026978 Josh's Graduation 1173307 Justin's Graduation 1173277 Sam's Graduation 1193782 Red and White Graduation Cake 2306862 Lighter Red And White Graduation Cake 2306843 Cookie Cake Graduation 3808146 Graduate that plays the saxophone 7055401 2009 You can add your school name , change picks to flowers. Many options for this edible image cake. 35800875 Kiss My Class Goodbye Edible image , can be personalized for your Graduate and School colors. 35800876 We're Outa Here Edible image, can be personalized with date on the scroll and flowers instead of picks if you like. 35800877 A Graduate Is Going To Dayton College 37912537 For An Amherst Graduate Footballs added for the football player. Can be made to fit any sport or theme ( music, drama so on) 37912538 The Peacock Graduate All buttercream with paper diploma and plastic motor board. The last name was Peacock hence the Peacock on the cake. 39697877 Emily's Graduation All buttercream, with paper diploma and cap, silver foil leaves. 40608182 Musical Graduate All buttercream with fondant guitars and keyboard. Notes are also fondant. 42541019 Track Star This was all buttercream and the shoe was done in fondant. The Graduate is a track runner. 45717859 Grad Hat Candy Topper Buttercream with candy hat as topper. Mix and match the frosting with the colors of the school and the holder. 84784182 Diploma Cupcake Buttercream with candy diploma. Can have school color mix and match. 84784183 Seth's Sheet Cake Buttercream with fondant letters and Grad Hat. 84784184 Seth Two Tier All buttercream with fondant name and date , also the stars. 84784185 Lime Green And Pink Grad Cake All buttercream with fondant heart. This was done for a girl that wanted to step out of the box and not go with her school colors, but colors that she liked. 85922205 Double Graduation All buttercream with plastic accessories. This was done for two Grads celebrating on the same day from different schools. 85922206 I Made It This cake is all buttercream and the I made it was a magnet that the Grad could save. 88274272 Purple And Gold This was done for a group graduation, all buttercream with royal icing flowers. 88274273 Swirled Cupcake Done in buttercream to match the school colors. 88274274 BG Here I come All buttercream with edible images. 128019336 Crochet This was for a Graduate that liked to crochet. All buttercream with fondant ball of yarn and needle with blanket that was crocheted. 130524677 Church Graduates Buttercream cake with candy Graduates. 130524678 Stars For The Grad Buttercream cake with fondant accents. 130526585 Pretzel Bouquet Trying to find something for that hard to find male? Who doesn't love pretzels and chocolate? These come in many sports themes and professional also. 130689257 Cap And Diploma Sucker These are sold individually and also as a bouquet let your school colors come through!! 130689258 Chocolate Covered Oreos Can be made to match your school colors. 130689259 Cheerleader Bouquet We have any sports theme or profession to make a candy bouquet for , tired of the same ole same ole try one of these they make great gifts year round. 130689260 Go Team 130689261 3 tier Grad Cake All buttercream with fondant accents and cloth ribbon. 131416846 Tomas Graduates Buttercream cake with edible image. 138623121 Cake Balls And Oreos Can be made into any school color. 150636174 Pretzels Can be made into any school color. 150636176 Edible picture Buttercream cake with edible picture. 157116739 Topsy Cake Buttercream cake with fondant stripes and basketballs. 157654458 Miranda Buttercream cake with chocolate hat and diplomas. 158204594 Cupcakes to match grad cake These are buttercream with chocolate hats. These can be done any color of your choice. We also have diplomas. Totally edible why pay for plastic toppers that you throw away. 158204595 Small 3D Grad Cap Chocolate Can be done in any school color. 160875774 Large Grad Cap And Diploma Chocolate Don't throw away the plastic eat the chocolate. Can be done in any color. 160875775 Amherst Grad Fondant A, Candy hat, diploma, and year. Buttercream icing. 160875776 Pirate School Graduation Buttercream cake with fondant bow and stripes. This cake sat a top a cupcake tower with the scull cupcakes surrounding it. 160875777 Scull Cupcakes Done in fondant with buttercream icing. 160875778 Boy Scout Graduation 162671772 Firelands Graduation Buttercream cake with chocolate hat and fondant diploma with glamour gems non edible. 162671774 Cake With Cupcake Stand 162671775 Rachel 2013 181179340 Purples 2013 181179341 Brett's Buttercream cake with candy hat and fondant scrolls. 182129478 UK Bound Buttercream cake with fondant UK. 182129865 Purple Done In Squares Buttercream cake with fondant stripes and dots, hat is candy. Glam ribbons added. 182130243 193742539 Thomas Graduates 193742540 193742541 Baseball Grads 2014 193749598 193749599 Chels Grand Cake Buttercream cake with fondant hat and plaques. 193749600 Allison 2014 Buttercream cake with candy hat and base with plastic figure. 193781788 EHS Zebra and Quilted Look 194102630 Frank's Graduation Cake Buttercream cake with fondant hat and accents. 194102631 Stencil Cookies 2014 194102632 194102633 Alaina's Cake Buttercream cake with fondant cap, bow, zebra design and name plate, with glam ribbon border. 194208605 Tye Dye Grad Buttercream cake with zebra fondant work. 194352546 Going to college Buttercream cake with fondant accents. 200942680 Clearview 60th reunion All buttercream. 200942681 200942682 Caz Buttercream cake with chocolate grad cap. 200942684 Wrestling Grad Buttercream cake with fondant accents. 201015191 Men Sillouettes In Candy 202114673 Candy Navy Hat 202114674 Girls Zebra Fondant Red Buttercream with fondant accents. 202114675 Pink and Green Roses All buttercream. 202114676 Home Plate Buttercream with fondant accents. 202114677 Side View Had the college she was going to on one corner with high school on the other corner. 202114678