Anniversary Anniversary Single layer serves 10-12 1192957 1192909 Church's 50th Anniversay 1192960 25th With Fondant Bow Plaque on Bottom 3238393 25th With Plaque 3238394 25th Anniversary This cake has photos around the center dividers, can be made into a Birthday or Graduation Cake also. 6305168 25th Anniversay The words on this second picture were colored with luster dust silver. Can be made any way. 6305169 50th Anniversay Cake 2 Tiers Love/Cherish This is a 6" on top of an 8" cake , serves aprox 35 people. Roses are fondant hand made dusted in gold dust. 11374942 45th Anniversary Cake All buttercream. Quilted with dots. 27517819 50th With Fondant Bow All buttercream with fondant bow and roses. 35800682 8 All buttercream with foil non edible leaves. Serves 30 39696578 30th Anniversary This was for a couple celebrating their 30th Anniversary and they enjoy the beach, hence a beach themed cake. All buttercream with real shells and palm trees and such things added on. 50515202 Silver Dragees With Gumpaste Flowers All buttercream with silver dragees that are edible. Flowers are made of gumpaste. 50838931 2 Tier Gold Bow This was done for a small wedding , all buttercream. You can change it up in silver and add a 25th or keep it gold and add a number 50. Bow could be all silver or gold also. 75036560 Candy Rose Bouquet Center Piece 121132303 Silver Rose These can be used as favors. Thank yous and such they are bagged and tagged. 121132304 Gold Rose Favor They come in all colors. With glitter added looks NICE in person. 121132305 Silver Sparkle Cupcake These are nice to add to a cake or do a cupcake tower and silver ribbons. 125617533 50th Buttercream cake with mirror 50 and shiny cloth ribbon. 130526189 Cupcake Tower To Match Bridal Cake This was done to match the bridal cake that was done as a 3 tier cake. 162671889 20th Anniversary Buttercream cake with purple rhinestones and pink cloth ribbon borders. 168014323 Modern Cupcakes These were done in buttercream the pink ones were made to look like flowers while the brown ones were done in a swirl. These were done for a 20th Anniversary party. 169433614 50th To Look Like Original Cake All Butter Cream. 179162636 30th Anniversary Party This had the dessert bar with the cake. 188739681