Delectable Delights By Debbie

Wedding cakes, specialty cakes and cookies , also cupcakes.

There is a candy for every occasion!!!!!!!               

I will list some categories, and some pictures will be following as I have time to post. If you have any questions in the mean time just call or email me. Thanks for your patience.

Just some of the listings........                                 

Chocolate Pretzels .75 for regular with sprinkles, Others come in the shapes of Baseball Bats,and gloves. Basketballs, and nets.  (1.25 each) Smaller items such as suckers or loose shaped chocolates sold individually or per pound.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels to match any occasion, white or dark chocolate. .75 each.

Chocolate Covered Oreos .75 each White or Chocolate covered in oreo flavors such as original cream, chocolate cream filled, peanut butter creamed filled. When season permits mint filled and strawberry filled.

Baby Shower items,  Baby crib, baby bib, quilt, numerous other items. Call me and let me know what your looking for!

Wedding items, Cake, hearts, lips, castle, doves, and many more items.

Graduation items, Chocolate Pretzels in shape of diploma, graduation hat suckers, small pieces in shapes of diplomas and hats can be wrapped individually for cupcake towers . Much more.


Sports items, There is something for EVERY sport, we have cheerleader items, football items, soccer items, baseball items, and basketball items. These come in suckers , loose items as some also come in pretzels.

Valentines Day items, hearts, lips, pretzels, roses, much more.

St. Patricks Day items, clover suckers and so on.

Birthday items,  Girls princess suckers in any color, sweet 16 suckers, items for the boys to numerous to mention and for the smaller children there are blues clues and hello kitty and much more. Do something different for your child's party, we have many ideas for candy in Amherst, Ohio!

I have something for hairdressers, doctors, beauticians, nail salons, teachers, bus drivers, police and firemen. Why not give the people you appreciate something different. Call for pricing.


 Wedding Goodies

Candy Rose Bouquets Can Be Done In Any Planter. Or Bagged And Tagged Individually For Favors. Many Molds To Choose From. Pick up candy bouquets for any occasion or profession.