Delectable Delights By Debbie

Wedding cakes, specialty cakes and cookies , also cupcakes.

Cake Pricing Is As Follows                              

Quarter Sheet 25.00 comes with flowers, additional price for add ons.

Half Sheet 35.00 for flowers, add ons are extra. Full sheet 70.00 add ons are extra.

Add ons include any edible images, or transfers are 8.00, candy work,  fondant work, or plastic toys are the cost that I have to pay to get them.

Stacked party cakes start at 1.50 per serving ,some are higher due to  the complexity that  you choose. Fondant work is more expensive , as is highly detailed work.

Wedding Cake Prices                                 

Prices for Wedding Cakes start at 2.75 a serving   for buttercream depending on the complexity of the design. Filled cakes are 3.00 a serving. Fondant 3.50 -5.00 depends on complexity of the design.


Cupcakes range from  1.00  if plain twist iced - 1.50 for regular size cupcakes if fondant work is required ,  Add .25 if they are to be filled.    2.25-2.50 each depending on what's added on as far as toppers or fondant work for jumbo cupcakes. Cupcake Cakes are available, as are  cupcake towers.


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Cookie Trays                                       

Cookie trays come in any size that you need priced per dozen per type of cookie. I also do cookies for favors and gifts these are sold individually. If wrapped and tagged an additional fee will be charged.

Cookie Cakes                                       

. These come in many sizes. Call for pricing .

.  Flavors for these are, chocolate chip, M+M,  peanut butter, sugar cookie,snickerdoodle, or  brownie bite. Choose either buttercream, chocolate, or peanut butter icing to compliment your cookie.


Cakes that have a copyright on them I can only do for family or friends not for sale, If I post one it's to show you some of my work that I have included for family or friends,  if you want one of these it has to be done in an edible image or a plastic figurine. Thanks for your understanding.


I am located in Amherst, Ohio, but I also service Loraine County, Cleveland and the surrounding areas. Contact me today for more information about my custom cakes, cupcakes, and desserts!