Delectable Delights By Debbie

Wedding cakes, specialty cakes and cookies , also cupcakes.

What's New At Delectable Delights By Debbie  ........ Along with having our cookie bouquets for Men and Women including every sport and profession,  we now have candy bouquets for any profession, sport, man or woman. Pictures coming SOON!!!!

This is the embossed purse with the strap shoe. Any color can be made. Insead of being embossed this purse can have a pattern or logo on it.

This purse can be embossed like one above or it can have a pattern, any color.

This is the high heel shoe, can be any color. No strap on this shoe.

Different Style Purse And Shoe

This is the high heel shoe, with tall purse both hand painted.

Shoe on left is the no back slide shoe, The shoe on right is high heel with strapped front. Again these come in any color or pattern, you pick and style your own purse and shoes.

Shoes are 10.00 each and Purses are also 10.00 each. They can be saved as a memento, or eaten. They are made of fondant .

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  What's new in 2012

Cake pops, and cake balls  are the latest rage, they can be in any flavor combination and color combination. Also what  about a cake that's in the color of a rainbow? We do colors for your school or for wedding parties, even for baby and bridal showers. Try something different that will make people remember your special occasion!!!!